Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I don't have too much to write here...just posting the obligatory bath pictures! Camryn does love her bath. I've even started giving her baths in the real tub...she loves the feel of the water and splashing around. Soon I'm gonna have to take my water baby in the pool!

Here are two videos of Camryn looking at herself in the mirror, laughing, and talking...Enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Littlest Dolphin Fan

On August 17th, we took Camryn to her first Miami Dolphin's football game! Papa (my father) was fortunate enough to get an executive suite through work, so Camryn was able to sit comfortably in the A/C and out of the heat, humidity, and rain! She was even sporting her #99 Jason Taylor jersey! Next time, though, we'll have to make sure she has a hair bow on, because even with pink socks and a pink stroller, everyone thought she was a boy...but that's okay! Next up in the sporting world...her first UF Gator game! At least she has orange/blue bows & a dress for that game!

Camryn is smiling & cooing!

At about 5 weeks, Camryn started smiling, but they were more half-smiles that you couldn't really tell if she was really trying to smile or not. At 6 weeks, she really began to smile with those big, open-mouth, wide-eyed grin! Now she smiles at, Caesey, Mommy, Daddy, and friends! The only problem is actually capturing her smiles on the camera...I'm not fast enough yet! Another major milestone at 6 weeks that Camryn has learned, is cooing. She is definitely her Mommy's girl because she does not stop talking. Still haven't been lucky with getting her talking on camera, but I'm working on it!

1 month old!

On August 6, Camryn turned 1 month old! The week before, we had her 1 month check-up with her pediatrician and she (my Chunky Monkey) weighed in at almost 9lbs and 22 inches! She got her first Hepatitis B vaccine...she cried with the initial poke, but was a trooper and stopped crying as soon as I picked her up. She's right on target developmentally, tracking our voice with her eyes, holding her head up. She is even slightly advanced in that she can push up on her arms and raise her chest. According to her pediatrician, she is going to be tall like Daddy. She's eating 6oz every 3 hours...that is what a 3 month old eats! Here are Camryn's 1 month stats:

Weight: 8lbs 12 oz
Height: 22 inches
Eating: 6oz every 3 hours
Clothing size: NB or 0-3m
Diapers: NB and size 1 (Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive)
Sleeping: usually down around 9:30pm, wakes at 2am and 5am to eat, then sleeps until about 8am
Activities / Milestones: tummy time; she will push up on her arms to lift her head; tracks objects and sounds; hold her head up

Here are a few pictures:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Camryn's arrival

Camryn Grace Johnson
July 6th, 2009 ~ 3:42pm
7lbs 9oz ~ 20.5 inches

Camryn Grace was born at 3:42pm, on Monday, July 6th, 2009. The story of her birth began one week earlier, when I was hospitalized due to pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure, protein in urine, swelling, headaches, and blurred vision). I was 38 weeks at the time and thought that they would induce me. However, my OB decided it was best to keep Camryn cooking for another week. I was discharged from the hospital and put on modified bed rest, with an induction date of July 7th. I had to go to the hospital every other day for monitoring of Camryn's heart rate and for ultrasounds (but who could complain about seeing their baby every other day!). On July 5th, Matt and I went to the hospital for the usual NST, never imagining we would be having a baby! During the NST, I had a 12 minute contraction that caused Camryn's heartrate to drop into the 60's. The nurses came running in, turned me on my left side, and gave me oxygen. They were about to give me an injection of terbultaline (it would release the contraction), but luckily Camryn's heartrate came right back up. The nurses called my OB and everyone decided it was best to induce me then. My OB came in around 4pm and checked me. Since I was 0cm dilated, she started Cervidil, which was suppossed to get things going. Immediately contractions started to become more intense (apprently I was already in early labor)...and because Camryn was "sunny side up"...I felt them in my back. I labored through the night and my OB checked me 12 hours later at progress! She then started Pitocin and came back to check me at 7am...still no progress! I begged for the epidural; they were hesitant to give it to me because I was not dialating, but I had been in labor at that point for 15 hours, with back labor! They finally agreed to give it to me and what relief! My OB went to her office to see her patients for the morning and returned around progress! At that point, I was done! We decided to go ahead with a C-section. At 3:30pm, I was prepped and brought into the OR. Matt was there with me and was quite the trooper! 12 minutes later, we heard the best sound in the world...Camryn's first cries! Apparently her shoulders were stuck in my pelvis and she was not coming out any other way! Camryn was brought to the incubator where the neonatologist assessed her...she scored a 9-9 on her APGARs. They brought her over to me for a quick kiss hello, then brought her to the nursery with Matt. There our families were anxiously awaiting her arrival.