Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1 month old!

On August 6, Camryn turned 1 month old! The week before, we had her 1 month check-up with her pediatrician and she (my Chunky Monkey) weighed in at almost 9lbs and 22 inches! She got her first Hepatitis B vaccine...she cried with the initial poke, but was a trooper and stopped crying as soon as I picked her up. She's right on target developmentally, tracking our voice with her eyes, holding her head up. She is even slightly advanced in that she can push up on her arms and raise her chest. According to her pediatrician, she is going to be tall like Daddy. She's eating 6oz every 3 hours...that is what a 3 month old eats! Here are Camryn's 1 month stats:

Weight: 8lbs 12 oz
Height: 22 inches
Eating: 6oz every 3 hours
Clothing size: NB or 0-3m
Diapers: NB and size 1 (Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive)
Sleeping: usually down around 9:30pm, wakes at 2am and 5am to eat, then sleeps until about 8am
Activities / Milestones: tummy time; she will push up on her arms to lift her head; tracks objects and sounds; hold her head up

Here are a few pictures: