Sunday, September 6, 2009

2 months of Camryn!

Camryn is 2 months old today! I can't believe how time flies! I feel like I waited forever to have her and now time passes so quickly! These last two months have been the hardest, most challenging, yet the most incredible and rewarding months of my life! (alright, maybe I'm exaggerating a little on the hardest and challenging part...she's a pretty good baby, but I had to make it sound dramatic!). It's amazing how much she's changed in 2 months. I can't imagine my life without seems like she's such a part of me!!
Camryn went to the pediatrician on Thursday (Sept 3) for her check-up and 2 month vaccines. She wound up getting one shot in each thigh and an oral vaccine...5 vaccines in total (love the companies who combine the vaccines so she gets less shots!). She did well! She was all smiles when the pediatrician came in and she wouldn't stop talking (she takes after her mommy). Dr. Herrera said she is healthy, strong, big, and has surpassed all of her developmental milestones. She cried for the two shots, but as soon as she got her pacifier she stopped, and she was even asleep in her carseat before we even left the exam room! Next up: earrings in 2 weeks!
Camryn's 2 month stats:
Weight: 12 lbs 4oz (80th percentile)
Length: 23 inches (90th percentile)
Eating: 6oz every 3-4 hours without rice; 4oz every 3-4 hours with rice
Clothing size: 0-3m or 3m
Diapers size: size 1 (Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive)
Sleeping: last bottle around 9pm, bedtime at 9:30pm, sleeps until 4am, eats for about 10-20 min, then sleeps until 8am
Activities / Milestones: smiling, laughing, shrieking, reaching for objects, pushing up on arms to left head and chest; she holds her head up completely on her own; she will turn to look for sounds that she hears
Here are pictures from her 2 month old photo shoot by Mommy & Daddy!