Monday, September 14, 2009

Camryn's First Roadtrip to Bradenton (Sept 12-13, 2009)

We finally made the drive over to Bradenton to visit Matt's family. It took us about 3.5 hours and Camryn was quite the trooper...she slept the entire time. She was a little confused when she woke up, but she was excited to see the Johnson family! After lunch, we went to visit Ma-Maw for the first time since Camryn's arrival...she is Camryn's only great grandparent and Camryn is her only great grandchild, so that was extra special!
The next day, we took Camryn to Bradenton Beach. The weather was perfect...slightly overcast, which made it a little cooler for Camryn, and a beautiful breeze! Camryn was asleep when we got there, so once we had the camera set up, I woke her up, so she again, was a little confused. She seemed to enjoy the breeze on her face. We got some great family pictures. We even put her little feet in the sand and got a picture with of her footprints.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures: