Monday, September 28, 2009

First day back at work...

Like all good things, maternity leave had to come to an end. Ugghhhh, so after 13 wonderful weeks off with my baby girl, I went back to work today and Camryn started her full day of daycare. I had taken her on Thursday and Friday for a couple of hours so she could get to know her teachers and the room and so I could set up her crib. To make her feel more at home, I bought a crib toy that has flashing lights (which she loves) and a mirror, but more importantly, a feature that allows me to record my voice, hehe. I also slept with her sheets and blankets so she would have my smell. Maybe I'm going overboard, who knows, but whatever makes me feel a little bit better. The day went by somewhat fast since I was soooo busy - I saw 41 patients today! And it was the best feeling in the world to pick her up and get a great big smile!

Here is a picture of her this morning on our way to daycare: