Saturday, September 5, 2009

I think she found her voice...

Well, it's official...we have a screamer and a squealer!! Camryn truly found her voice this week! There's no stopping her now! It is pretty cute though :) She's progressed through the small, shy smiles, to the big, open-mouth smiles, to the "panting" and "squeaking" noises when she's excited, and finally to the ear-piercing shrieks! She absolutely loves to look at lights. We noticed it when she would stare at the flashing lights in her swing, so we went out and bought a mobile that actually projects a light show and has little animals circling around it (some Fisher Price Precious Planet mobile thing). She can't get enough of it! It has actually been a lifesaver because she will lay in her crib for about 30 min looking at it, which allows me to get some cleaning done! Enjoy the video!